32 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023

32 predictions for social media marketing trends in 2023

32 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023

As we come to the end of another year, social media is in a state of flux. Meta continues its decline, TikTok grows in popularity, and Twitter faces uncertain management changes. It’s difficult to predict what will happen next on these platforms, but we’ve made some predictions for 2023 based on current trends. While these forecasts may not be accurate, they provide a glimpse into the potential future of social media.

So, let’s start with Facebook, which was once everyone’s favourite social network.

Facebook Marketing Trends.

Facebook has been struggling lately, as its younger users have switched to TikTok and lost ad dollars to Apple ATT updates. However, Facebook says it plans to get things back on track. Only time will tell if this is successful. TikTok has changed the social media landscape, and Facebook feels the effects.

Based on current trends, here’s what we predict for the future:

More posts recommended by AI

In a recent interview, Zuckerberg stated that Facebook would start to show more recommended content in the News Feed. This change is likely due to the success of TikTok, which focuses on exposing users to posts from all users instead of just the ones they follow. While this may be good for brands in terms of exposure, it’s unclear if people will like this new format for Facebook. Time will tell if this change leads to negative feedback or more satisfied users.

Family and Friends Redux

Facebook faces competition from other apps, such as TikTok, because people are now engaging with friends and family less on the platform. However, Facebook is still a valuable resource for checking in on major news updates. I suspect that at some stage, Facebook will look to better showcase posts from friends and family in order to keep users engaged.

Avatar integration

Meta is planning to promote the use of avatars as a way to connect and engage with others, both in the digital world and in the metaverse itself. This includes expanded opportunities for sponsored items and costumes, among other things. This is likely to push more people to use avatars as a form of digital identity.

Click to message ads.

As more and more people are engaging with brands on messaging apps, Meta predicts that we will see even more ad options catering to this trend. Marketers should expect to see new tools facilitating responses from customers through DMs. 

Posts from VR

Meta plans to provide new options for sharing from VR, including video chats and posts; you might find something you’re missing in the space by showcasing what people are doing in virtual reality.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Meta is planning to release its AR-enabled glasses in 2024, but the company may launch it sooner than expected because of the positive feedback it received from initial testers. 3D object creation is a key step for the metaverse, and the company plans to use Facebook and Instagram to promote it.

Instagram Marketing Trends

Instagram is confusing as it tries to keep up with current trends and stay popular. It has been copying TikTok at every turn, but some users are growing tired of the constant replication. What’s next for Instagram?

More AI-recommended content and Reels

Although complaints have surfaced, Instagram is using AI content recommendations to keep users engaged. The company announced that it was scaling back these recommendations in July, but it’s unclear if this will be effective. Additionally, Instagram plans to focus more on creators and their content. This means that we can expect to see more Reels shortly.

Next level integrations

Instagram is looking to add new content creation tools, like AR and 3D posts, to help bridge the gap between its current state and the metaverse. Additionally, it plans to integrate more tools from Spark AR directly into Instagram to better engage artistic talent. By providing more ways for creators to showcase their work, Meta hopes to increase interest and participation in the VR realm.

AR and more interactive ads

As brands look to capitalize on the growing popularity of augmented reality, platforms like Instagram are beginning to experiment with new ad formats that will engage users in innovative ways. Meanwhile, Meta is looking to guide users into the next stage of AR development by creating more 3D models for the metaverse space. Shortly, expect to see enhanced scanning tools and ingestion processes from IG, along with new AR ad formats.

Live shopping

Instagram has been testing a new feature called Live Shopping, which allows users to buy products directly from influencers during live broadcasts. This is likely to become a more common feature as Instagram looks to capitalize on the popularity of live streaming.

Twitter Marketing Trends

Twitter’s future is uncertain under new CEO Elon Musk. He has not given any clear plans and reportedly plans to replace management and engineering teams. This makes it difficult to predict what will happen next on the platform. However, based on his past behaviour, here are some possible scenarios for Twitter’s future.

Bigger subscription push

Elon Musk is considering ways to make people pay for using Twitter. He has mentioned charging a monthly fee for businesses to use the app, with improved analytics features and insights. He has also proposed the idea of charging users a nominal fee to tweet or charging verified tick holders a monthly fee. However, it is not clear if these ideas will be implemented.

Additional verification ticks

Elon Musk is exploring ways to verify users’ identities on his new app to combat spam and scams. Verifying user identity is essential to maintaining the security of any online system. This can be done through a phone number or other identifying details. Another potential solution would be for verified users to receive a grey tick or similar symbol. This measure could make it easier for people to identify bots and reduce their influence.

Variable algorithms

Elon Musk is working on a new project that will allow Twitter users to have more control over their experience. They can choose which algorithmic elements influence their feed and, in turn, have a deeper understanding of how algorithms shape their Twitter experience. However, it may be difficult to get people to actually participate in this process, as most just want to log in and see what’s happening without worrying about technical details.

Trial and error

Elon Musk is planning to make some big changes to Twitter, including increasing freedom of speech. However, this could lead to a lot of experimentation and change on the platform and difficulties stemming from his other businesses. 

The opportunity for payments

There is speculation that Elon Musk may use the power of Twitter to facilitate payments through cryptocurrency. He made his fortune with PayPal and is a big proponent of crypto, especially Dogecoin. In developing nations where banks are not as prevalent, there could be potential for Twitter to become a new banking service.

Longer tweets

Elon Musk plans to add longer tweet and video options to the Twitter app to allow for more varied posts. It’s unclear how this will work or why it is being implemented, but it could allow for more interesting content on the site.

Pinterest Marketing Trends

Pinterest has been on a bit of a roller coaster this year, but it seems to be climbing back up again now. After an increase in usage due to the COVID lockdowns, its audience returned to their usual numbers when physical stores reopened. However, under new CEO Bill Ready, Pinterest is promoting product discovery and eCommerce once again. 

International expansion

Pinterest is rapidly growing in its main markets, but there is still significant opportunity for growth elsewhere. In North America, Pin ads’ income exceeds income from other regions. However, Pinterest is growing and will focus on international markets in 2023.

Refined search and discovery

Pinterest is focusing on discovery as a key part of its operation, with a former Google executive in charge. This focus includes improving search tools and processes to better highlight relevant products for users. Additionally, Pinterest is looking to add more personalized discovery options, and product comparison features to help shoppers find the best deals within the app.

Streamlined listing process

Pinterest is committed to helping merchants list their products by improving its catalogue ingestion tools. In addition, they are concentrating on adding more tools to integrate products directly.

Improved AR capture and display options

Pinterest is at the forefront of product discovery by working to develop new tools that will help businesses capture their products in 3D.

Live-stream shopping

Pinterest is exploring the option of live-stream shopping and may make a bigger push for this in 2023. Live shopping is a great fit for Pinterest, as there are more opportunities to integrate live streaming into the app.

LinkedIn Marketing Trends

LinkedIn sees record levels of engagement, with more and more non-professional posts. While this may be good for LinkedIn, some feel that it is drifting away from its core purpose. However, LinkedIn is continuing its plans to provide more data and linkage to LinkedIn Learning courses, intending to expand its offerings in 2023.

More data insights

LinkedIn is home to the world’s most expansive database of professional and career information. In 2023, it will continue to integrate more ways for people to use this data to help them achieve their career goals. LinkedIn can help you figure out your next career move by showing you what other people with similar skills and interests have done. Recruiters can also use this information to identify the best candidates for job openings.

More efficient video connection tools

LinkedIn is seeing an increase in video consumption, so it’s logical to expect them to add more video tools. This will include expanding on their existing intro video and chat features. LinkedIn wants to make the app more of a critical business tool, so they are focusing on adding ways for professionals to engage with each other virtually.

Bigger focus on audio

LinkedIn is looking to increase its focus on professional audio events. This will involve developing the audio rooms feature, allowing users to participate in meet-ups and listen to content from professionals within the app.

Feed presentation update

LinkedIn is considering adding a full-screen video tab to its app in order to better align with evolving consumption trends and showcase creators. This would enable LinkedIn to better highlight video content in the app and become a more prominent player in the digital media space.

TikTok Marketing Trends

TikTok, a popular app among millennials, is in the spotlight for its connection to the Chinese government. Though it remains unclear how close of a relationship TikTok has with CCP, there are concerns that the app could be banned in certain regions due to political scrutiny. As China’s internal and international policies become increasingly controversial, this could be a tipping point for the app. In 2023, TikTok will likely be forced to firmly separate its data from CCP in order to remain operational. This step could bring about numerous challenges for the app and may even lead to its ban in multiple countries.

Live-stream commerce and Shops

TikTok is increasingly looking to become a more comprehensive shopping platform in addition to its video-sharing capabilities. In 2023, the app may allow users to shop directly from videos and even set up their own storefronts within the app. This would enable TikTok to become an eCommerce powerhouse that rivals both Amazon and Instagram.

New creator payments

As TikTok grows in popularity, the amount of money paid out to creators through its Creator Fund diminishes. To combat this, TikTok is exploring new methods of payment that would incentivize its top stars to continue creating content for the app.

Separation from CCP

TikTok is facing increasing pressure to prove that it is not connected to the Chinese government and that representatives of the Chinese government are not accessing user data. In order to alleviate these concerns, TikTok has partnered with Oracle to store US user information. However, if relations between China and other countries worsen, TikTok could again face bans.

Snapchat Marketing Trends

Despite Instagram’s success in replicating and overtaking Stories, Snapchat has continued to build its own niche and attract millions of users. However, the app is still mostly used by young people, so Snap needs to find a way to broaden its appeal if it wants to stay successful. AR technology is one area where Snapchat continues to lead the pack, so the company should focus on that as it looks towards the future.

AR glasses

Snapchat is rumoured to be working on its own pair of AR glasses that would allow users to record and share videos in real time. This technology could make Snapchat the leader in mixed reality experiences and potentially revolutionize social media as we know it.

Avatar fashion and digital items

Snapchat is focusing on its Bitmoji avatars, with new fashion partnerships to help people customize and personalize their characters. Bitmoji avatars are a significant part of Snapchat, being used in DMs, the Snap Map, profiles, and more. As such, they could play a role in advanced avatar development across other platforms.

Expanded sports push

Snap is looking to broaden its appeal with older users, and sports content could be a key factor in this. The app has already partnered with La Liga and other major leagues like the NBA and NFL to provide exclusive content for users. In 2023, expect Snap to focus more on sports content to attract an even wider audience. This may include interactive games, betting elements or live scores related to sporting events.

Video/Bitmoji chat

Snapchat is expected to explore more video chat elements to maximize engagement. This may include live chats or video chats listed on the Snap Map. Snapchat is all about friends and social connection, so this would be a departure from their current app features but an opportunity to engage users even further.