Top Features for Your B2C eCommerce Site

Top Features for Your B2C eCommerce Site

Top Features for Your B2C eCommerce Site

After the global adoption of internment on a large scale, the eCommerce industry has been booming. Some of the sharpest minds have hopped on this rise and have become the world’s leading eCommerce businesses.  

But don’t let this fact bring your hopes down. Everybody has their niche within the eCommerce market because human wants and desires are never-ending.  

Within this article, we will discuss some of the top features that your B2C eCommerce website needs to have to survive within this competitive market.  

Therefore let’s not waste any time and discuss them one by one!

Cross compatible website

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone in their hands. Most probably, even you are viewing this website from a mobile device. Therefore your website should be mobile-friendly, accounting for 67% of mobile users out there. A good company can do this for you with a dedicated website design Manchester service.

Furthermore, the websites should be responsive and easy to navigate. These two criteria account for the largest cause of customer retention for an eCommerce website. 

Powerful search and filter options

Around 80% of the youth is shopping online. Most of the customers who visit an eCommerce website already know what they want to buy. Therefore a powerful search and filter option is essential for them to find the exact products. 

If the customers cannot find their desired product, they are unlikely to stick around or revisit the page.

Proper cart/checkout experience

The checkout point is the most crucial stage within the online buying process. It is estimated that around 70% of people abandon their cart during checkout and leave the website.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the inclusion of additional costs within the cart, for example, taxes, delivery charges, and more. Therefore you need to build a consumer-friendly and open-ended cart experience to maximize sales.

Support of diverse payment methods

If you have plans to grow your eCommerce site to cater to a worldwide consumer base, then make sure to research the different payment methods.  

It is estimated that around 50% of payments are canceled or abandoned because of inefficient payment methods. Each region has its payment trends, which you need to follow.

While some regions depend on debit and credit cards, other parts prefer cash payments or mobile payments. Providing the customer with every possible method of payment is your best chance of increasing sales. 

Robust consumer support

Research shows that people tend to trust those businesses which can be contacted and reached easily. Therefore having an about us section and a contact page will increase your business’s goodwill.

Furthermore, the easier it is to reach you, the stronger the bond gets between you and your customers. This increases the chances of them coming back to you for future purchases.


Efficiency is the key to winning the race between other eCommerce platforms. If you successfully include these options within your website, it will make your website more consumer-centric.  

The easier it becomes for people to buy from your website, the higher the sales and customer retention of your business. Therefore if you missed out on any of these, make the changes now and watch your profits skyrocket!