Top Features for WooCommerce Websites

Top Features for WooCommerce Websites

Top Features for WooCommerce Websites

WooCommerce lets you create some of the most beautiful and robust eCommerce websites. With its modular functionality and eCommerce oriented features, it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.  

Furthermore, WooCommerce lets you create websites with little to no restrictions! If you have any doubts about WooCommerce or if you’re in the dark, we’ll help you out with a professional service for web design Wigan

This article will discuss some of the top features for WooCommerce websites that make it so popular. Therefore let’s start discussing them without wasting any more time!

Made by developers for developers

WooCommerce is backed up by a fantastic pool of developers who work round the clock. The platform is open-source, and that means developers work out of sheer passion and not for money.  

This results in a platform that is easy to use and is developer-friendly. Anybody interested can develop third party modules for adding extra functionality or security for WooCommerce.

Little to no restriction on Sales

Most of the e-commerce platforms out there have strict rules and regulations when it comes to product listing. For example, Shopify does not let you sell a ton of products, which might be quite profitable for you. Furthermore, these platforms may change their rules and regulations at any point in time. 

Therefore, if they ban a product that you sell on your e-commerce platform, you might be in trouble. WooCommerce does not have strict regulations for products and selling practices, as long as they are legal. Therefore, it is a far better option for sellers and e-commerce business people alike. 

High store optimization

WooCommerce provides some of the most powerful analytical and optimization tools. Form sales Data analysis to search engine optimization WooCommerce has got you covered. Even if WooCommerce itself cannot analyze specific data, it will indeed have a third-party module to handle it. 

Therefore, when you build your e-commerce business on top of the WooCommerce Platform, you will have eyes on present data and get a future prediction. 

Superior Management Functionality

WooCommerce does not only let you handle the customers, but it can effectively manage your inventory as well. The platform offers features like permanent customer accounts, guest accounts, stock level tracking, refund management, and more. 

Furthermore, WooCommerce’s powerful analytical features can effectively suggest the best inventory levels and send customers product tracking data at critical times. 

24/7 Informal Support

WooCommerce has two versions, which are open-source and paid versions. The best part is that you will get the best levels of support from hardworking developers worldwide, no matter which one you use. WooCommerce is backed-up by a vast community of developers. 

You can easily find a large number of documentation regarding tutorials, tips and tricks, and bug-fixes. Furthermore, there are many WordPress forums where you can post any questions regarding any topic of WordPress. 


You can be rest assured that out of the thousands of readers, some of them will provide you unique tips and tricks, workarounds, and solutions to most of your problems.

This support backed up by the powerful modular features make WooCommerce one of the most powerful platforms.