Using Featured Videos On Your Website

How to correctly utilise featured videos and banner videos on your website

Using Featured Videos On Your Website

Featured videos are videos that are added on websites. Its main aim is to display catchy marketing, innovative and informative messages through video production, and engage and attract users to the site.

Benefits of adding feature videos on a website

Social media

It is the best way to reach out to more significant and worldwide potential customers. Adding featured videos about your brand on social media websites will help get more sales and convert users into potential customers.

Visual experience

Short and meaningful videos are easy to absorb and can provide information about the business by communicating with the viewers through video. Moreover, it will save the viewer’s valuable time.


Adding feature videos to a website will help businesses to rank higher in search engines. Studies have found that webpages with videos are likely to rank higher than webpages that present text content.


Video features can show the information and personality of the brand in a modern and appealing way. You can add videos that are educational, reliable, or funny to show the business’s character to the customers.

How To Add Feature Videos To Your Website

When you upload feature video on your website, you should keep in mind firstly, where to add the video. Secondly, decide what types of design to use in the video. Lastly, upload the video on the right landing pages.

What To Consider When Adding A Video

You can’t just start adding loads of videos to your website. You should be careful on the videos and files you add to your website, taking the following steps:

  • Check Video size.
  • Use popular keywords.
  • Uploading too many videos will slow down your website.
  • Embed videos with URL.
  • Don’t use a lightbox.
  • Use face thumbnails.

Always embed videos

It is always good to upload your videos on another domain and embed the video on your own website.

Self-hosting is an alternative; it is the same as self-hosting your graphic files and image on your website. If you are self-hosting the video, write the URL on the post or page of your website and then upload it through the media uploader. Self-hosting videos can eat up space and bandwidth as video files are usually large size. Moreover, there are chances of usability issues and risk of security.

Where to add feature videos on the website

Adding a blog or vlog to your website is an additional plus point. If you upload videos regularly, vlog format is the best way to feature your videos. Below are the steps to add vlog:

  • Create a new blog for new feature videos on the website
  • In existing blogs, always create a vlog or video category.
  • Separate old videos from the blog and achieve it.

Add feature intro videos in the right place.

You can place the feature intro video on the about page or your home page. It is the place where you will get more traffic and more clients. Intro video is a video that introduces your products and services. Create the video’s design and position on the about page or homepage according to the website strategy.


In conclusion, all the steps we have given above will help you create attractive feature videos for your website. It will attract viewers, and it will likely bring in more traffic and more clients.