How to engage consumers with great video promotion

How to engage consumers with great video promotion

Video marketing is by no means a new tactic in the realm of content promotion; the trick is to develop captivating brand content that brings innovative engagement factor to consumers. More and more people are now accessing the web on mobile devices more than desktops, so video promotion should do more than just inform and educate; it should tell a story that the mobile consumer can relate to.

Videos are already responsible for 60% of mobile web traffic, showing that it is the preferred way to browse when using a small screen – that figure is said to increase to 78% by 2021.

Videos create a powerful experience that simply cannot be mimicked by anything else – using video promotion can be a game-changer in boosting consumer engagement.

Here’s how you can engage consumers with video promotion:

Keep your videos short

The prospect of video promotion may be daunting, but you don’t have to create a full feature film. Promotional videos that are designed for mobile viewing should be no longer than 30 seconds. For millennials, they should be even shorter. A study by IAB found that brands running 10-second mobile videos add greater appeal and persuasion with younger audiences.

Despite this, it’s worth bearing in mind research by Microsoft found that the average digitised brain only pays attention for 8 seconds. Be sure to grab your audience’s attention immediately and keep your video going at a good pace. Take your promotional videos to where your consumers are – smartphones.

Try to capitilise on small screen space and grab your consumer’s attention with short and lively videos.

Know your audience

For your promotional video to be effective, it must be targeted well towards your consumers as well as being relevant and enjoyable. Think about what you could offer your consumers that they will find valuable and worth watching. By focusing on a topic your potential consumers care about (and will searching for), you can reach a far wider audience. Google reported that 91% of smartphone users turn to their smartphones for ideas while they are doing a task.

Upload the video natively to every channel

The Facebook algorithm favours native video (video uploaded directly to Facebook), which means people are far more likely to see native videos on their news feeds. It is essential to realise that sharing a video to Facebook does not offer the same engagement results as uploading directly to the site does. Sharing a Youtube or Vimeo link to Facebook is less likely to achieve more consumer engagement. What’s more, is uploading straight to Facebook won’t give you the opportunity to see the robust analytics that can help you to refine your strategy and learn about the engagement of consumers.

On Twitter, the analytics of native video shows more overall engagement than shared third-party videos.

Push consumers to more in-depth content

As your video is the first step on the journey for consumers to become customers, therefore, achieving maximum reach and engagement is imperative.

The purpose of a promotional video is to drive initial interest in your event and prompt further engagement from your consumers. In your marketing strategy, you should aim to profoundly engage your consumers, whether that is simply to your website, a longer video, or in-depth blog post.

Video is a perfect medium for promoting your business as well as brand storytelling – it can live and thrive on your website and social media. Regardless of whether you are preaching your brand’s mission, values and origin, use promotional video to engulf your consumers in the experience.