Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to making Marketing Videos and Advertising Campaigns, you want to make your audience feel in some sort of way to get your message across. You will want to reimagine your company in such a way that shows what you do and why you do it, and to deliver that message in the right way.

On more modern Marketing Videos, companies only brand their videos towards the end of the video to make sure that they don’t lose the viewers’ attention. This improves the engagement of a video because your audience won’t be bombarded with constant branding.

Simple Videos

Simple videos can have a huge effect by being super shareable depending on what your video is about. For example, if the subject matter was animals this would be very shareable, because who doesn’t like animals as this is a popular topic.

You don’t need high performing equipment to make effective videos. When you are a small business, and create a YouTube account or any other social platform you want to make a first great impression. Your first set of videos should reflect the style and tone you want to be known for.

CTA on your Videos

At the end of your video, you could also put a call to action button which you are able to do on YouTube, but only to link back to a website. Putting a link in your video will attract people to click on it so they can maybe look at the new product in your video or get more information about your services. To make that button more effective, you can add a limited time behind your message. For example, saying something like “Don’t miss out,” makes your message more actionable.

The Audience

As a marketer you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, but this might not be as effective. Make your videos so you have a specific group of people to target. This will make your video more effective to your potential customers.

Length of a Video

A lot of the time marketers can get confused with the length of a video. If your message can be expressed in a couple of seconds, don’t try to drag the video on. This will make your audience lose interest and not make it to the end of your video. Don’t mistake “longer” for “better.”