Videos that can help promote your brand

Videos that can help promote your brand

In today’s day and age, sometimes a still graphic or an image just isn’t enough to engage and attract your target audience. Videos are something which are becoming increasingly popular due to their high success rates of drawing a potential customer to buying your service or product. 

Produced correctly, videos can transform a business’s marketing and really get a foot hold on what you want your business to come across as. It is a fact that people would much rather watch a video about a product or service than read up about it. This is why from a digital marketing point of view, video is really starting to take over. In this blog I am going to discuss different types of videos and why they could be useful to your brand.

Commercial Video

With commercial videos, the content within them can widely vary depending on your brand and what you are trying to get across. The videos tend to be 30-45 secs long as short and sweet tends to be more successful with these types of videos. You can show these videos on various amounts of platforms including social media and web applications. Commercial videos are probably the most common videos that get produced for small to medium sized companies.

Explainer Video

If your business offers either a service or good which might need explaining or isn’t immediately obvious what you do, explainer videos can be a great way to overcome this solution. These videos will commonly come with animations or with a voice over that explains what your business offers. Explainer videos often have an quick overview of the business, followed by prices, services and call to actions which prove to be very important.

Product Videos/Demonstration’s

The purpose of product videos is flaunt and show-off your latest products. These videos can consist of what the product does and why you should buy it. Product demonstrations which are seen to be more personable usually consist of  charismatic host or presenter going through how the product works.

Q&A Videos

Question and Answer or as there otherwise known, Q&A videos are great for giving your business a personality. They are also great for giving your audience a perception of you as a business and the type of people that work for you. It almost gives your business a face. Tips, advice and experiences are also a good way to engage your audience and get them to learn more about your industry as opposed to just your business itself.

Behind the scenes videos

If your business has an interesting way of developing and producing its goods/services it might be worth looking into a behind the scenes video to show your audience how the magic happens. This can be especially great for manufacturing business where you would often see the finished product rather than how its made.  You will be surprised at how many people would be interested in this.