Using Website Animation To Improve the User Experience

Using Website Animation To Improve the User Experience

Are you looking for ways to improve the experience of customers that visit your website?

In the past, animations have been used for entertainment, but now, it has become an integral component of modern web design, according to our expert web designers in Chester.

Our eyes innately pay attention to moving objects and animation is like eye candy. More and more web designers are incorporating animation as a functional element that enhances user experience.

Our web designers at Blue Whale Media use well-thought-out and functional animations because it has the potential to fulfill multiple functions. Here are some of the ways animation can improve the user experience: 

The animation trend

In the field of web design Chester, animation is something you’ll see more and more every day. A small or simple animation may be engaging and exciting, but the user won’t even think about it at all. A large animation, on the other hand, can be used as a compelling visual that pulls you into the design. The rise of animation means there will be more availability of tools that will vastly improve the user experience of your website.

Animation focuses attention.

There are so many things going on on websites these days that users can become overwhelmed and confused. It’s easy to give users an information overload that can result in higher numbers in bounce rates and fewer conversions. Animation and visuals allow businesses to convey information without explanation. When using animation within website design, less is more sometimes as the focus of your audience is paramount.

It expresses personality

Animation is also a fantastic opportunity to get creative and express some brand personality in your products. This is an opportunity to transform the tedious into the mesmerising; you can set your brand apart from others by using animation. Users will also be more aware of your brand if it engages with them in unique ways when creating web design Chester.

Visual Feedback on User Actions

Good interactive web design provides feedback. Web-users feel like they’re interacting with real elements on the screen and demonstrates interaction because they are more likely to click further through a website. As a design agency, our team at Blue Whale Media uses animation in many ways to get web users to interact, especially during the web design Chester process.


The roles of animations are quite logical, but branding animation is full of emotions. Often, dozens of websites have the same features and accomplish the same tasks. Branding animation is responsible for user engagement. It can be used as a marketing tool — support a company’s brand values or highlight a product’s strengths. Branding animation can make the user experience truly delightful and memorable. The Blue Whale Media web design Chester team uses branding animation as a functional purpose.

Don’t animate everything

Restraint is another vital quality during web design Chester, creating animation and your website user experience. Animation shouldn’t distract your users and make navigation difficult. The animations within your website should highlight your products and features while enhancing brand personality.

Animation is a beneficial supplement to the content on your website and can make the user experience better. When done correctly, animation can turn a digital project from a sequence of screens into a carefully choreographed and memorable experience for your audience.