New years resolutions for your website

New years resolutions for your website

The new year ushers in all sorts of ambitious goals and how to hit the refresh button. Why not start now? You don’t have to polish your website in January, but determine which resolutions take priority and incorporate them into your business’s marketing strategy throughout the year.


Remove or update outdated content. It’s okay to remove out of date content or even touch up what you want to keep. You can do this by updating tags and categories, check they match with the topics of your content and pages on your website. You can also update the meta descriptions; they are a visitor’s first impression of your website, so remember the three S’s – short, sweet and SEO friendly.


By developing a content strategy, you create a lifesaver when you start to feel overwhelmed about what you do and don’t have on your website. Your strategy can guide you throughout the year as well as highlighting both gaps and strengths in your website content. Align SEO with your strategy to make your content more worthwhile. Decide which keywords you want to rank in Google for and update your current content to be SEO friendly.


Try to analyse and evaluate the date from your content, look through the last 12 months of content to see which blog posts performed best and where are most of your visitors coming from? Asking these questions can help you to identify your strong suits and weaknesses as well as how and where to improve. This may also help you to establish a certain content type or content that targets a specific audience that consistently performs well.]


Online marketing is seeing more and more users access the internet on their mobile phones. This makes it imperative for loading speeds and interfaces to be quick and optimised for mobile devices. It has been proven by Google, over 50% of people leaving a mobile website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Having a website that is not optimised for mobile affects every aspect of your business.


If people think something is interesting and popular, then it is shared and talked about on social media. You can make it easier for website users to share information by adding social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Engaging with audiences on social media is essential to getting your business seen, building your brand. Plugging into social platforms gives you new ways to connect and promote your website as well as creating a loyal following for your website visitors.

As you continue your efforts to drive more traffic to your business website, make a resolution to increase your customer conversion rate simultaneously. Think clearly how you want the year to play out, try to set realistic deadlines for the rest of the year, throughout the peaks, as well as its troughs.

There is never a bad time to evaluate your website and improve its ability to deliver an optimal user experience.