Why Hire a Professional Agency For Website Design

Why Hire a Professional Agency For Website Design

In such a competitive digital market, it is important to ensure your business stands out from the rest. This requires the work of a professional website design agency in Stockport. In this blog, I will explain why you should choose to hire a professional agency to design and develop your business website.


Agencies don’t just hire simple website designers with no experience. With a web design agency, you know you’ll be getting a top notch, professional and experienced designer who can adequately develop your whole business website. There is also the added aspect of a team: if the designer working on your project is stuck with something, they have a whole team they can turn to for help and assistance. In comparison to simple freelancers, they are limited to only themselves and what they have learnt from online courses and tutorials.

Bespoke and Custom Design

A professional website agency focuses on creating a bespoke and custom website for your business in Stockport. This helps to make your business stand out online against the countless amount of other websites and businesses competing with you. Freelancers commonly replicate their design process across all their customers, using the same themes, layouts and features.

Agencies will also take the time to understand your business’ unique requirements, goals and objectives. For example, your business may not want to make sales or generate leads online, so you would prefer that your website is designed to increase visits to your physical store. An agency would understand that and take steps to develop your website and content to direct potential customers and clients to your store as opposed to buying online. Many freelancers do not take the time to understand your unique requirements and simply give you an off-the-shelf template design that is not optimised for your objectives and goals.

Website Maintenance

With an agency, the project doesn’t end once a website is completed. An agency can provide the best website hosting and maintenance whereas a freelancer would not have the capabilities for this. Agencies can ensure your website remains secure, stays online and updated, whereas a website made by a freelancer can quickly become insecure and outdated, requiring you to shell out money for a new website in a matter of months.

Search Engine Optimisation

An agency understands a website may look pretty, but if it isn’t driving traffic and conversions then it is useless. That is why websites created by an agency are often optimised for search engines with on-page and technical SEO, whereas a freelancer would be very limited as to what optimisations they can do – if any at all. This is because the freelancer is trained in only one thing: to design your website. Once they have done their job, then they’re completely finished. A professional web design agency wants to see your online website and business thrive.

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