Why should an agency use Facebook Manager?

Why agencies and companies should be using the Facebook Manager platform for their social media pages.

Why should an agency use Facebook Manager?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used worldwide, with 2 billion users and 60 million business pages. Facebook now offers companies the opportunity to create ads and manage business pages through business manager. This blog will give you an insight into why you should be using Facebook manager for your business or agency.

What is Facebook Manager?

Facebook business manager is a tool on the media platform, which allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages, business assets and ad accounts from one place. It enables you to grant full or partial access to team members, meaning you can delegate tasks between several employees safely and securely. Employees are also able to manage the business accounts without having full ownership of the pages. 


  1. Securely share access with multiple people

On Facebook Manager, you can give access to agencies, employees, or partners without giving them full ownership of your business pages.

  1. Centralise your companies resources and information in one place

Facebook Manager allows you to control all of your resources and control any admin all from one place, which makes it easier to organise your work.

  1. Separate your personal profile from your business page

You’ll no longer have to worry about privacy or accidentally post something meant for your personal page onto the business page. 

  1. Control how much access an employee has

This simplifies the process of giving out tasks and overseeing what your employees are doing.

Who should have a Facebook Manager Account

If you run a small business and run your own channels and accounts, you won’t necessarily need to use Facebook Manager. Still, on the other hand, if you are running a business with multiple employees, a team of people, working with vendors, or you need to control who has access to your pages, it is a must.

Facebook Manager is going to be a requirement.

Even if you didn’t want to join Facebook Manager, you’re probably going to have to. Facebook has been pushing the program and restricting certain features to motivate people to make the switch. You can no longer create new audiences with customer files or create Ad sets using custom audiences. If you wanted to do any ad targeting, then Facebook Manager is your solution. To make things easier, Facebook has created automatic accounts for any marketers and their agencies, so you may already have an account without realising.