Working In A Creative Agency: From An SEO Expert Point Of View

Working In A Creative Agency: From An SEO Expert Point Of View

Hey there, I’m Jamie and in case you don’t already know, I’m the SEO and PPC executive here at Blue Whale Media. That means I’m the go-to-guy when it comes to making sure our website, as well as our client websites, show up in Google for important keywords and phrases. In this blog, I will detail what it’s like working in a creative agency (specifically Blue Whale Media) from my point of view as an SEO professional in Warrington.

What I Actually Do

So we’ve established my job title – that’s all well and good but what do I actually do? My work can be broken into two sections: client side and in-house. The majority of my work is in-house, which means I mainly do marketing for our own company and websites. In this, I carry out many different aspects of search engine optimisation such as link-building, blogging, guest-posting, on-page optimisation and more in order to ensure we show up for our chosen keywords. As a company, we mainly target the local areas such as Warrington, Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding localities such as Wigan, Stockport, Alderley Edge etc. In addition to the SEO I also completely manage our pay per click advertising which is more limited as to what services and locations we target due to how high the costs can be whilst working with GoogleAds.

In my client work, I do a range of basic SEO tasks. For every single website we set live, I go through each page and file in order to ensure the website is completely optimised for on-page SEO. This includes double-checking all the header tags, creating alt tags for all the images and videos, writing an optimised SEO title and meta-description. Some of our clients also have strategies in which I may publish a set amount of blogs on their website every month which is designed to boost the website internal linking. Most of my client-work focuses on PPC advertising. I handle all the PPC work for Blue Whale Media. I conduct proper keyword research to determine the best keywords, bids and times to advertise with GoogleAds. I set up conversion tracking on the website which can cover things such as product purchases, contact form submissions, emails & phone calls, account sign ups etc. This allows me and the client to see how effective their PPC advertising is beyond simple clicks and website traffic.

How My Work Fits Into The Company

Within our agency, the great majority of our clients find us through organic search – this means my work has a vast importance on our company’s lead generation and revenue. It is important that I ensure we rank high for our keywords and that we can maintain positions once we have reached our goals. It is also important that I make sure our positions and keywords remain profitable. In the SEO industry, many marketers can spend absolute thousands in order to achieve that important #1 spot for their chosen keywords – but if the traffic from that number one spot fails to drive conversions and sales, then all that money has been wasted. This is also a similar manner in PPC. It’s important to understand that a campaign can receive a low amount of clicks but still remain successful: many advertisers will fail to focus on the correct metrics and instead end up trying to increase their clicks which as a result increases their costs.

As a result of this importance, I have a meeting at the end of every week with my Managing Director to go over the week’s work of SEO. In this meeting I outline our recent changes in ranking positions, Google algorithm updates to keep note of, changes in website traffic and organic acquisition, trends in Search Console and search queries, analysis of competitor websites, strategies and backlink profiles etc.

How Our Creative Agency Can Help You

At Blue Whale Media, we have years of experience in combining bespoke marketing packages to increase the visibility, traffic and sales of small, local businesses and large corporations. Whether it’s search engine optimisation or expert services for web design in Manchester, we are the #1 local agency for you. Contact us today.