Writing compelling and engaging content for Social Media

Writing compelling and engaging content for Social Media

To the untrained eye, writing for blogs, website content and social media statuses are one and the same. However, this couldn\’t be further from the truth. A successful writer and content creator knows that each platform needs to be specifically catered for to ensure success.

To create engaging and effective content requires skill, creativity and, most importantly, dedication. Having a natural talent for writing is a great place to start, but hard work and commitment to understanding the different avenues of your craft is the way to set yourself and your content above the competition. We have listed a few tips below to help you on your way to creating successful content for your social media platforms.

Just start writing

This may seem like a strange piece of advice, but many writers have experienced the dreaded writer\’s block. It can seem impossible to push past the wall that suddenly appears when you are staring at a blank page. Still, by committing to just starting to write, you are overcoming it. Editing is a must with any successful content, so this can be treated as an exercise in planning. By just writing exactly what comes to mind, you are opening a range of possible avenues to explore.

Write for a high school student

Again, a potentially strange tip. However, by catering your content towards a high school student, you are guaranteeing that your writing is concise and clear. It will automatically limit the amount of jargon you use and almost force you to think of creative and original angles to write from.

Make your reader feels successful

Create vibrant content that leads your reader to the main points of the text. Use short and snappy opening sentences that grab their attention and use your structure and style to lead the reader exactly where you want them to go. With expert structure, you can lead your readers to reach your desired conclusion.

Run everything through a grammar app

In the spirit of success, editing your text and checking for grammatical errors is just as important as actually writing it. Your consumers and potential customers can be instantly turned off by bad grammar as it can portray a lack of knowledge and unprofessionalism. It is not uncommon to write how you speak. This isn\’t particularly wrong, but an essential part of being a professional and successful content writer is knowing the difference between written and spoken language. Using an app like Grammarly can help you to learn how written language should be presented in a professional business setting.


When creating exceptional social media content, it is important to take the time to understand your craft and learn how to edit and cater it to fit the audience that you are writing for. By following these simple tips, you can create better base material to work from. A successful business is built on strong foundations, so build your fundamental skills and the rest will follow!

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