22 essentials you need to optimise your site

22 essentials you need to optimise your site

22 essentials you need to optimise your site

Making your website rank higher and have quality traffic is every marketer’s dream. There are ample ways to optimize your site. In this blog, we will outline the 22 essential elements you need to optimise your website for SEO.

1. Quality content

The website content you publish online must be of good quality. Of course, keywords are a necessity to help people find your content and to rank higher on SERPs. However, the content should not only restrict to keywords but also focus on the user’s requirement.

If the site put up quality content, it is likely to garner more traffic and genuine users as time goes by.

2. Relevant content

Relevant content will go a long way. Whenever a user searches for content, they search for relevance. The relevance of content goes hand in hand with the quality of traffic. Therefore, it is imperative to set the content’s quality to match the significance of the situation.

3. Page speed

The speed of the page is very important and helpful in optimizing your site. When a user visits a website, they expect the website to run smoothly. The speed of the page will keep the users engaged in staying on your website.

4. Mobile compatibility

Whenever a website is functioning well on both mobile and desktop, it automatically makes it user friendly. In the current times, people are looking for quick results and rely heavily on a cell phone. So, in order to optimize your page, make sure you make it mobile-friendly.

5. Meta description

Small details combine to give your page the recognition it deserves. Meta descriptions are minute details that show under a page’s URL. It contains a short description of the content you are providing.

6. Images

A site must contain images to grab the attention span of the users. The image must be well-tagged. It should not contain random images but pertaining to the content on the site.

7. Internal links

A great and subtle way of pushing traffic is internal links. In an article, you can attach links of other contents naturally by making it a part of that article. This way, the users may not feel obligated to view other contents, but through sheer curiosity, they may click the internal links.

8. Headlines

Concise, clear, catchy, and useful headlines describing your content will ensure quality traffic.

9. Authority website

Users automatically trust authority websites. Once you provide quality content, no spamming, and consistency, your site may have higher chances of becoming an authority website.

10. Domain name

Instead of using subdomains, try using sub-directory root domain names.

11. User-experience

Make sure your website is easily navigable and user friendly.

12. Schema markup

Adding Schema markup is a great way of drawing attention to the visitors on the SERPs. By adding Schema to the page’s HTML, it will add star ratings, images, customer ratings, etc. to help your content appear more pleasing to the eye.

13. Fresh content

Make sure your content remains fresh and useful at all times. This will not only make your website reliable for once but for a period of time.

14. Social

Attaching social media links of your website is a great way of social interaction and community growth.


Adding a comment section on your website will enable users to leave positive critics, and it also helps with social interaction.

16. Star ratings

Allow your users to leave a star rating on your content. This is a great way of making your site look more reliable.

17. Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism as it is a bad look for the brand image.

18. Do not spam

Leaving links of your website in an unruly manner on popular sites by spamming the comments must be avoided at all costs.

19. Annoying ads

No user would like annoying ads pop up on the front of your content every time they try to go through. Try to avoid putting annoying ads on your website.

20. Black hat SEO

Engaging in black hat SEO tactics must be avoided at all costs.

21. Non-refined work

If your work looks unrefined with grammatical errors, it makes the content look cheap and not trustworthy.

22. Communication

Make sure to communicate with your users when they sign up for a newsletter or leave comments on your site.