How to make your Aerial videography stand out

How to make your Aerial videography stand out

Do you sometimes find your aerial footage dull and wonder how you can give it a boost?

Drone footage is a great way to define and establish your brand; our drone footage Warrington services are well-equipped and qualified with the latest drone operating licenses and technology.

Killer drone shots are not hard to achieve; by using drone footage, you can make your brand stand out.

Here’s how our Drone footage team based in Warrington optimise and prepare for the best aerial videos.


If you are only moving forward or backward in your aerial videos, then your footage will fail to stand out.

For instance, simultaneously fly up and backward or fly sideways while going up in the air with your drone. Our drone footage team Warrington recommend being gentle with the remote controls of the drone, as slow and steady movements to make your footage cinematic.


Circling an object can add tremendous cinematic impact to your footage. It is possible to navigate a circle with manual control; our drone footage team Warrington suggests keeping the target in the middle as you fly sideways while yawing in the opposite direction. However, be aware of the training and practice, it will take a lot of time to perfect flying in a circle manually.


Many people assume that aerial and drone videography is all about gaining height. Although high altitude flying can accommodate an ample shooting space, low altitude flying can show objects in better detail and create an immersive experience. Our drone footage team Warrington proposes that you pay attention to the flight environment, especially the changes of obstacle height to ensure flight safety.


A classic flying move is following a subject from behind when using a drone. However, our drone footage team Warrington has found that it is also easy to film from varying angles as well. You can always adjust the framing of the subject by using the tilt dial. Consider the different combinations to make your footage more interesting while attentive to your flying environment when flying backward and sideways.


When it comes to the weather and filming, you are pretty much at the mercy of mother nature. Typically you’ll want to fly on clear and cloudy days and avoid any rain or dense fog. The wind will be your biggest enemy when filming with a drone as it creates ‘jelly’ footage, which is a dread of every drone pilot. Just like ground-based videography, filming during the golden hours of the day will help your drone footage to stand out.


Our drone team Warrington, cannot stress enough how important it is to be safe when operating a drone. They are not toys; they are tools of videography; you must learn the laws of the area you are filming in before launching your drone into the sky. The cool operator will always be the person who retrieves their drone at the end of the day – not the one who’s on a ladder trying to recover their drone from a tree.

Drone and aerial videography are difficult, but it lets you be creative with your shots and capture video that the human eye would never be able to see.