Ways to use a drone to enhance your business video

Ways to use a drone to enhance your business video

There has been an explosion of tech in the world of aerial photography and videography. As a result, our drone footage Warrington team can now get shots that historically only a Hollywood photographer could achieve.

Video has been proven to be an effective way to emotionally connect with your viewers and leave a lasting impression, which can be the difference between winning and losing business.

If your searching for some drone inspiration, our drone footage Warrington team suggests these shots to enhance your next company video.

Group shot 

Getting a group shot with a drone can be a memorable party trick; it is also a practical way to get a large crowd in a photo or video.

Our drone footage Warrington team uses the drone like a tripod in the sky, enabling them to capture the scene around a group. With a drone, you also won’t have to be strategic with planning shorter and taller people as well as offering an interesting birds-eye perspective of the group. So at your next company event or outing, try to get everyone outside for a group photo, because you never know when you might need a video clip or high-resolution image of a group or crowd.


The biggest advancement in drone camera technology is a stabilizer; it’s what makes drone footage look silky smooth even when you’re in control of the sticks. You can make the drone easier to manipulate and carry by removing the propellers; you’ll be surprised at the kind of shots you can get on the ground. Our drone footage Warrington team says that this is great for quick shots around your office, whereas a DSLR would be shakier and challenging to get a quick picture or video.


The reveal is one of those awesome shots that you can take to the next level with a drone, according to our drone footage Warrington team. The basic idea is to start close up to a subject and then zoom out to expose the surroundings or vise versa. The reveal has to be the most popular shot in drone photography and videography; you can even combine the group shot with a reveal for a fantastic photo or video opportunity. This delightful surprise tactic is a powerful tool to have in your video production toolbox, especially with the variety of scenes and scenarios.


If you have the space to take flight around your office, you can shoot compelling footage of your office’s surroundings. Our drone footage Warrington team suggests adding these types of shots into your videos to give your viewers a better understanding of your office’s location. This type of footage is ideal for quick social media videos or culture focused videos. Drones are revolutionising the types of shots and videos that smaller video teams can produce. 


Instead of putting together a series of shots, think about the images you are going to capture and use them to create an engaging story. Our drone footage Warrington team says that drone footage can be useful in creating a narrative that moves from one place or experience to another. A drone’s ability to capture scenes is like no other form of media means you can give new life to the product, project, or ‘behind the scenes’ story of a business.

Using aerial drone video is no longer a new idea in digital marketing; today, more and more businesses are discovering the value of drone footage as a marketing tool.

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