Creating Images for Social Media

Creating Images for Social Media

Recently social media is all about visuals, whether it be images or videos. A good place to start with social media marketing is to make sure your business’ social pages are filled with eye-catching images that are fully branded and showcase what services/products you offer. It’s important to include visuals as readers won’t want to see paragraphs and paragraphs of text – the truth is they’ll more than likely going to be bored! Deciding on what images to use can be a difficult task as there are many different types to choose from and many different ways that you can create them.


Let’s start with a popular choice, Canva. Canva is an online software tool that allows you to create your own graphics. It is especially equipped in creating images for social media as it offers multiple sizing that suits each social media platform. Whether it’s a YouTube thumbnail, a Facebook advert, a LinkedIn banner or just an Instagram post, Canva have you covered. When creating your graphic, there are a few features that will help you design something that truly represents your branding. There are photos, graphics, animated stickers, text, background colours/patterns and more to choose from. Canva is specifically great for graphics that are based around national holidays or top tips for your customers.


Adobe is one of the most popular pieces of software used to create graphics. Adobe is a lot more technical than Canva but there are courses/tutorials available to help you. There are many different programmes featured on Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop and Illustrator which are probably the best for creating graphics. Adobe is great for creating those more detailed images that can incorporate photos and also branding such as logos and icons. Within our agency, our designers are always working on Adobe Creative Cloud to design logos and creating work for websites.


An easier way to create images for social media is to simply take photos yourself. When it comes to photography, you can take photos of multiple subjects including your products, example work, team members, the office or company events. Photography differs as you aren’t actually using some software to create a graphic, you are taking a real-life photo. To pull off great photography, you need a good camera, lighting, backgrounds and editing software to perfect the images after. You can take photos yourself or you can always hire a professional agency to take the photos for you.

Online Images

Online images are probably the easiest option as you don’t have to create them yourself and you don’t have to take them yourself either. There are a lot of websites to choose from but a popular one in the digital world is Shutterstock. Shutterstock allows you to download stock images that are copyright free. This means you can use them on your social media pages to promote your company. For websites like this, you usually have to have a subscription that is paid monthly but it is worth it in the long haul as you can use them across multiple platforms whenever you want.

Hiring a Media Agency

Now you know what options are available to create images for social media, it’s time to choose an option that works best for you. You might even use more than one software depending on what images you want to showcase on your accounts. Here at Blue Whale Media, we’re here to help you perfect your images for social media. We can take care of creating graphics as well as scheduling them on your preferred social accounts. To find out more, visit our website or call us on 01925 552050.

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