Tips for effective eCommerce website design that brings you sales

Effective web design for an eCommerce website to bring you sales

Tips for effective ecommerce website design that brings you sales

Nowadays, if you’re selling anything, whether that’s shoes, salad dressing, or something in between, you need to hop on board the ecommerce website train. Good ecommerce website design is crucial for turning website visitors into customers.

The design of your ecommerce website should make the purchasing process as quick and stress-free as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are developing a website for the first time or the hundredth time

you’ll need to learn the updated tips for increasing the valuable customers you get on your website.

At Blue Whale Media, our website design team has come up with some ecommerce design tips you can implement to start seeing more conversions.

Keep the User in Mind

Every single detail of your website, from product images to contact forms, could potentially contribute to making a purchase. User experience is paramount when turning visitors into customers and turning customers into returning customers. If you don’t focus on the user experience, you’ll miss a great option to offer straightforward navigation, visual appeal, and enhance your website’s overall experience.

HD Images

The most crucial element for online shoppers that it helps them purchase their desired product. They won’t buy a product if they can’t see it properly while on your website. A high-quality photo generates a sense of identity, instills emotion, and usually remembered.

Using high definition images while designing your ecommerce website ensures the maximum effect for the website visitors. It may be best to offer a zoom feature on each image so web visitors can examine your product in further detail.

Reviews and Testimonials

61% of online shoppers report reading customer reviews before deciding to purchase a product. Customer reviews are a quick and easy way to promote sales and conversions. One effective ecommerce website design tactic is adding product-specific reviews directly under each product description.

Call to Action Buttons

There is nothing better than a clear call to action button within a website page. Focus your attention on the design of the button as well, as it will help you convert and gain more sales. Use contrasting colours for your button so that it’s distinguishable. An exclusively designed call to action button will give your ecommerce website page a professional look. This is an effective strategy for driving more sales effortlessly, but also it makes the user journey to purchasing easier to navigate.

Simple Website Design

Minimalist websites are rated continuously as more visually appealing and more trustworthy than visually complex websites. You don’t need a ton of bells and whistles on your ecommerce website—all they do is act as a distraction. To simplify the design of your ecommerce website, you should remove unnecessary information and use a theme with plenty of whitespace.

Designing an ecommerce website can be tricky, but you now have some of the most useful tips to bring your ecommerce business more sales. Website design is easy, but when it comes to ecommerce, it can be challenging to makes websites convert. As you implement these tactics into your ecommerce website, keep the customer in mind at all times.