How to optimise your eCommerce website for conversions

How to optimise your eCommerce website for conversions

How to optimise your ecommerce website for conversions?

On an ecommerce website, conversions are critical and it’s no secret that today’s fast-paced world means having a website is crucial to your business’s survival. But how can you make the leap from obscurity to liability by turning web visitors into paying customers?

At Blue Whale Media, our website development team from Liverpool are experts in the art of web user conversions. Here are the areas of your ecommerce website that you may need to optimise for a better conversion rate:

Optimising your conversion rate by developing trust

Customers can be put off by a website where it is difficult to find company contact information. This will give the impression that customer service after sales may prove to be a problem. Put your company information somewhere that is easy to find to show customers that you are accessible.

Make shopping easy

Many branded ecommerce websites have mastered the lesson of taking the pain out of online shopping. This is fundamentally what conversion rate optimisation is all about, removing any possible barriers hindering visitors on their path to purchase. Think of it from the customer’s point of view, one they’ve found the product, good images and text will give the shopper the information they need to make a decision.

The need for speed

Two seconds – if it takes your website longer than two seconds to load, then 53% of your customers will lose interest. There are a few online tools to help you measure and assess your website speed; it is essential to check elements within your website that could be slowing the loading speed down.

Go responsive

Responsive website design means that your website will automatically ‘respond’ to fit the device a visitor is using. This will enhance the user experience by monitoring the need to resize, scroll, or pan. Web visitors now need to do what they want on your website with their mobile device; you can do this by adopting a mobile-friendly website design strategy.

Improve your content

The internet may be a visual place, but you still need to create or write engaging content. Your website’s content tackles three of the biggest challenges faced by an ecommerce site; informing visitors, drawing action, and fostering relationships. Likely, the vast majority of your website visitors will only scan the content, which makes it even more important for you to make your content engaging and formatted in a way that will capture the scanners.

Simplify the checkout process

First and foremost, your website should offer a guest check out option. With more and more people using their smartphones to make purchases, it sometimes isn’t feasible to register. Research has consistently shown that guest checkouts could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.

You can do so many things to improve your ecommerce conversion rate, and it’s okay if you don’t know where to start. Even if your only act on one or two of these conversion-boosting techniques, you’ll see a positive return on investment.