Four Features You Should Implement Into Your Website This Holiday Season!

Four Features You Should Implement Into Your Website This Holiday Season!

Four Features You Should Implement Into Your Website This Holiday Season!

Summer is coming to an end which can only mean one thing… Christmas marketing…  Those dreaded words that no business owner likes to hear. 

We know how stressful it can get over the festive period when running your own business. Don’t leave your Christmas planning to the last minute; get organised this autumn season! 

(The earlier, the better.)

In this blog, we will be going over some features you can implement into your eCommerce website that will help boost your sales and help this hectic period run smoothly so you can get back to eating mince pies and singing your favourite Christmas carols in December.

Limited Edition Christmas Packaging

Incorporating festive-themed packaging can help promote your products’ sales, especially around the gift-giving period. It can be very beneficial as people love to divulge into the merriment of Christmas. Including limited-time packaging can help promote the idea of exclusivity throughout the business. This can put gentle pressure on your customers who want to be a part of the exclusivity of experiencing something that could disappear. 

Wrap It Up!

Let’s get personal! If the products you sell can be gift-wrapped, why not offer it as a service? We all love a touch of personalisation! It makes us feel all fuzzy and warm. You can add a special touch to your products by delivering them in a little Christmas box with a ribbon! You don’t have to spend copious amounts of time or money on perfecting the art of gift wrap, but incorporating a box or a gift bag can be an easy way to add that Christmas touch to your products. Make it easy and add a tickbox option to your checkout. This is a great way to push an added extra to your customer’s order. 

Helpful Gift Guides

Christmas shopping for loved ones can be the bane of the festive season. Searching through pages and pages of products that are irrelevant to the person we’re buying from can hinder the user experience of your website. This is why it can be a great idea to create easy gift guides that are accessible to your website visitors. Splitting up your products by recipients can be a great way to improve the user experience of your website. It can help users find inspiration and reduce the bounce rate of your website if your users can find exactly what they are looking for.

Outline Shipping & Return Policies

Save yourself the hassle of customer emails and complaints and set clear and concise boundaries for your delivery and return of your products. This could be shown as a pop-up on your home page, the description of your products, or even a page before the payment in the checkout. This is just a way to increase the clarity of the instructions and reduce any issues occurring in the future, so you can continue having a merry time over the festive period. 

How do I do it?

So there you have it, four easy ways to enhance your eCommerce website this holiday season. They will not only make your customers happy but also make your life easier… and who doesn’t want that?

Don’t know where to begin? Contact Blue Whale Media to see how we can help you to have a very merry (and successful) Christmas! 


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