How to use offers in your email marketing campaign

How to use offers in your marketing email campaigns

How to use offers in your email marketing campaign

No matter what industry you are in, every business can provide specific offers and discounts on their services/products. The question is, how do you promote these offers in an effective way? Since email has proven to be one of the top marketing solutions, it’s only right that we use it to its full potential. Email marketing can help you promote your offers instantly and directly whilst keeping inline with your company’s branding. There are actually many different offers you can provide to your customers and here’s just a few examples.

New Customers

Getting new customers is always exciting but you want to make sure that they know how important they are to you. A good way to do this is by sending them a joining offer when they either sign up to your newsletter or when they purchase something for the first time. Usually when someone signs up to your newsletter, they want to see what you have to offer which is why giving them the incentive to purchase something can turn them into a fully fledged customer. On the other hand, if someone has made their first purchase on your website, it is good to encourage them to keep on buying from you so giving them an offer on their next purchase will turn them into a loyal customer.

Loyalty Scheme

On the other side to this, you want to show your existing customers some appreciation for being loyal to your business. A great way to do this is by offering them an exclusive discount through an email marketing campaign. When doing this, it is good to mention that they are receiving it exclusively as this will make them feel more important therefore encouraging them to use the discount while they can. Another way you can do this, is by sending them an email on the date they signed up to your newsletter with an offer included. This shows that you take notice of them as a customer and will also remind them of how long they have been a part of your customer base. 

Promoting Products

An obvious way to include offers in an email, is when you are promoting products. This might be in aid of a new product you are just introducing and therefore want to drill up excitement by adding a 10% off discount. This will help boost your new product if you are struggling to introduce it into the market. On the other hand, you could just use specific offers within a sale. Every online shop will have a sale at some point so making sure your customers know about what kind of offers are available is important. Usually an email marketing campaign will be sent out at the start of the sale and at the end. 

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Celebrating Birthdays

A clever way of promoting an offer is to send it to a customer on their birthday. This is usually a specific discount like 10% off or a free gift when they purchase a product. By doing this, it not only allows you to potentially make another sale but it also shows your customers that they are more than just a number and that you actually appreciate them. A nice email on their birthday which includes an offer will make them feel important and encourage them to continue being a loyal customer. 

General Use

Even though there should be a specific reason for sending offers on email marketing campaigns, you can actually just send them whenever your business sees fit. However, a tip to take on board is to not overload people with emails that include tons of offers as people will get bored of seeing the same email and the effect of the offer will wear off quite quickly. Our advice would be to think carefully about when to use offers in emails and always create your email marketing campaign professionally. It’s great to include the offers but if your email doesn’t look appealing then it won’t work to its full potential. To find out more about customised email designs, head over to our website at