How to use mobile video at events

How to use mobile video at events

There are several ways to capture your experience and your event with your mobile phone. Shooting videos has never been so easy or effortless; everyone has a powerful video camera sitting in their pocket. With a little practice, even you can start creating and using great footage using only your smartphone.

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others; use this to your advantage. By taking videos and photos with your mobile phone means there is no editing needed for it to be suitable for mobile viewing.

Businesses around the world have seized upon the trend for videos, with the amount of video content from people and brands on Facebook’s news feed more than tripling – that’s eight billion daily video views. There are numerous ways to use video before, during and after your event. The more videos you film and share the more interaction your audience will have with your company and future events. 

Point of view in a video

Ask yourself, how will the video’s point of view help tell the story of your business? In order to know what videos to film, you will need to know what type you are going to use if they’re going to be effective in your marketing strategy. Some videos are like ‘selfies’ and use a very subjective point of view to connect with the audience. For other videos, a more detached and less personal point of view could be used; it all depends on what you want your audience to resonate with.

Before your event

Before the event, a preview video can help you drive awareness and build excitement around your event. Use your mobile phone to film the planning process and how you are preparing for your event. Short teaser videos will engage your audience; you can include behind the scenes footage, who is going to appear and what they can expect from your event. You can share these videos on your website or even on your social media, the videos you have created will reach potential attendees, engage them and make them eager to learn more.

During your event

During your event, try to consider how you can use video to capture and amplify the excitement of the crowd? Have fun with the videos you create; it should be fun to film videos during your company’s event. By taking pictures and small video clips throughout your event, this will enable you to share them immediately on social media. You can give your audience, wherever they are, an idea of what your event is like with live footage of the event.

You can also create a ‘Livestream video’ of the event, which will increase your exposure by broadcasting live to people who are not at the event. Facebook and Instagram now come with features to allow you to create live videos instantly from your company’s social account. A survey from the New York Magazine revealed that 67% of viewers are more likely to buy tickets for an event after watching videos from similar events.

After the event

Once your event has ended, you can use video to keep the buzz of the event going; you can also promote your company’s next event. Use the videos you have got from during the event that can recap the event and promote your company further. Once the videos are saved to your smartphone, you can show prospective clients and customers what you achieved in your event and also helps to tell the story of your company. By creating video content that can be repurposed in multiple ways enables you to share it on Youtube and social media platforms and, in turn, boosting lead generation.

With more people now accessing the web with mobile devices than desktops, it’s no wonder that video is becoming such an important medium.