Reasons you should use video for your event

Reasons you should use video for your event

Video is incredibly useful; making your videos look professional and polished may cost you a lot. However, creating videos yourself isn’t too difficult and video is essential as it makes your content come to life.

When compared with regular marketing content, creating a video will have an edge, your audience will find it more memorable as well as finding it easier to engage with. Here are some reasons why you should be using videos for your events:

Never been cheaper to create videos

High-quality video production has never been cheaper, as the camera quality on iPhones and smartphones are continually increasing. This makes shooting your own footage a reliable option; you can save money that can be spent on furthering your marketing strategy. By using your smartphone, you have access to a lot of free apps that can help you to produce videos for your event.

Use videos on social media

Social media videos have the potential to make your audience stop scrolling and take notice of your attention-grabbing content. To succeed, all you have to do is put effort into producing and marketing your video content. For example, Facebook and Instagram are optimised for video; plus, content on these social media platforms will help your business connect with an audience of many ages.

When compared to a photo, a video social media post has a 60% higher chance of getting shared.

The shorter, the better

Creating short and useful videos will help to attract a higher percentage of people and possibly improve your organic reach. Short videos are also perfect for people who are looking for helpful information; the below timeframes are recommended when creating video content.

  • Instagram – 25 seconds.
  • Twitter – 45 seconds.
  • Facebook 1 minute.
  • Youtube – 2 minutes.

Why short videos? Short event videos will keep the audience engaged and keep them coming back for more along with building a strong relationship with your existing fans. It can also help you to increase your social shares, as people want to consume content on the move, which is why 80% of social media content is being consumed on mobile devices.

Videos build trust

The whole concept of content marketing is based on the trust you have with your audience and create long term relationships. Event video content is also likely to engage the audience and their emotions. Emotionally charged video content can be shared across the internet and social media in a matter of days if it’s fascinating. Video content can also explain anything in an intriguing way. 45% of businesses said that they have ‘explainer’ videos on their homepage because they are an excellent way to describe a difficult topic or event.

Your competitors are already using video

If your competitors are using videos to promote themselves, then you should be too. Videos show a significant investment in ROI, as 83% of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment (ROI). Creating event videos for your business might not be the easiest way to promote your brand, but it isn’t time-consuming. Social media enables you to shoot the video and then instantly upload it to a platform with no editing needed. Besides, online editing tools are becoming widely available and affordable; they can even be used on your smartphone.

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. So what are you waiting for; lights, camera, action!