The importance of a quality logo for your business in 2020

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The importance of a quality logo for your business in 2020


What is a logo 

A logo is the combination of text and image to convey a message, this is normally the brand name and what the business symbolises. The end goal for a logo is to only use an image and it is understood what is being said, for example the nike swoosh no longer needs Nike in the logo as the swoosh is iconic enough to stand alone. 

Importance of logos:

There are many important factors which go into making a brand; functional website, active social media, amazing content and an eye catching logo. Logos are the first thing the user sees, this is the reason why the logo needs to stand out and be iconic. This is the first impression the user will have with your brand so it needs to represent what you are as a business. 


See whats successful in your industry:

Market research is key for this, you need to see what your most successful competitors are doing with their logo. DO NOT copy their logo this is not creative nor smart as it gives them free advertising as they are a larger company. Instead use aspects of logos you could use, for example if they used an animal or is it a geometric logo. 


What should you include in your logo?


Keep it simple. Don’t use too many colours because the logo needs to be transferable over different mediums (print, web, adverts etc). Think about the big brands, they normally use roughly 3 colours. Coca cola – red, white and black. Mcdonalds – red, yellow and white. Keep your colours consistent; this should be obvious but don’t change your colours too much. Make the colours your own, it helps people to identify your brand. 



Think about where you are going to use the logo for example and design a logo specifically for the intended use. The dimensions of your logo will need to be changed and colours may need to be tweaked for every different use. The logo can change between different mediums, for an app you would just use a smaller simplified logo whereas you would use a logo and type for your business cards. 


Image and text:

The main image should be memorable and represent your brand in a stylish and effective way. If you are a smaller brand i would recommend you add your company name in the logo as well the main image due to your logo not being instantly recognisable from just the image. The typography also needs to be unique and stylised so it fits in with your company’s branding. 


How do I get a logo?

The best way to get a logo designed is for a professional to create the logo as they have experience and a creative flow which will help in the development of the logo. For smaller companies the best value for money will be using freelance designers with a large professional standard portfolio. This will save your small company money and will have a high quality logo which can be applied to a variety of mediums, however if you have the money to go to a professional design shop it will be worth the higher investment. 


In conclusion you need a logo, it will create an image in your customers head about your brand. It will be costly however the long term benefits outweigh the cost. Look at your competitors. Take similar aspects of their logo into your design consideration, if none of your competitors have a notable logo be the leader and make a brand in your industry.