Writing The Best Instagram Bio For Your Business

Writing a good bio for your business Instagram profile.

Writing The Best Instagram Bio For Your Business

Instagram bios are short but can be a great place to start when building your Instagram presence. Bios are one of the best ways to tell people who you are and what you do. In this blog, you will find what are the best techniques to do when you are creating your Bio.

What is the right way to create your Instagram Bio?

When it comes to writing your bio and social media in general, there

is no right way to create your Instagram bio. There are many different ways to layout your bio and there are different things you can do to make it suitable for your company. The best thing you can do is to keep testing different ways to make your bio the best it can be.

Make the most of the space available

In an Instagram bio, you are able to have 150 characters and its important to make the most of it. What you might see brands do in their bio is to make you perform an action. This might be by clicking a link in their bio. The quickest and clearest way to make people click on the link is to use a verb. For example, you can use “share this” or anything that indicates an action.

Brands usually use a link that is used in their current marketing campaign. A lot of brands will update their bio every month to show activity and presence.

Why not use a Line Break?

Line breaks are able to let you place text on the line below. You might have seen this used in other places on Instagram. This is one of the most popular bios that are used for Instagram. It’s a great way to communicate with people and to make your bio less wordy.

I have used this technique before and I have found it an effective way to highlight what your brand does.

How about emojis?

Using emojis is also a way to make your bio stand out. Having an emoji captures peoples eye and makes them look and read the text in your bio. You could place them at the end of your text or use them as a bullet points.

When choosing you emojis make sure that they relate to your brand and that they have context behind what you are saying. I wouldn’t start overusing emojis in your bio, just use the right amount.

Using Hashtags and @mentions

Using hashtags and mentions might not be as eye-catching, but they are useful. Any hashtag and profile tag that you use are clickable. They will take you to the tagged profile or if it is a hashtag it will take you to the hashtag listing.

Make sure that you use hashtags that relate to your brand or one that you have created for your brand. Using hashtags is a great way for people to discover your content, so if you are going to use one in your bio make sure it relates to your bran